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Solutions for challenges with Geopathic Stress & EMFs, tools that balance a person's energy, support self healing, revitalize water and food.

BioResonance Laser
Informational subtle frequencies in a blue laser to boost the energy of water & food. Check out the live-blood-microscopy results from microwaved water!
Quantum Biofeedback, QXCI/Scio energy testing and stress balancing.
Detailed Information on Geopathic Stress and how to get rid of it

Essential Oils
High quality Essential Oils to support your body's self healing.

Council on Wireless Technology Impact
Information and links on EMFs

Microwave News
Bi-monthly magazine about studies, research and new laws on EMR issues

Raymond Lo
Raymond Lo's website

Aikido of Maine
Aikido - the Japanese martial-art for self-defense and spiritual development.

Dr. Samuel Sagan

Sahaja Yoga
Self realization and kundalini awakening through meditation - Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Kartenlegen Wien
Tarotreading in Vienna - Austria


The Complete Feng Shui Health HandbookWilhelm Gerstung Jens Mehlhase, M.D. ISBN 0-914955-60-8

Praxis der GeopathologieAndreas Kopschina ISBN 3-927110-16-7

Energy Medicine - The Scientific BasisJames L. Oschman ISBN 0-443-06261-7

Public Exposure Video on the impacts of wireless technology.

Electrosmog - Eine wissenschaftliche DokumentationA. Varga

Earth radiationKäthe Bachler ISBN 0-9514151-0-7

Hands of Light
Barbara Brennan ISBN 0-553-34539-7

RegressionSamuel Sagan ISBN 0-9586700-0-5

Entity PossessionSamuel Sagan ISBN 0-89281-612-0

Awakening the Third EyeSamuel Sagan ISBN 0-9586700-5-6

Biophotonen - Das Licht in unseren ZellenMarco Bischof ISBN 3-86150-095-7

The Secret of the Creative VacuumJohn Davidson ISBN 0-85207-202-3

Sick and TiredRobert O. Young ISBN 1-58054-056-2

The pH BalanceRobert O. Young ISBN 0-446-69049-x

The pH Balance for DiabetesRobert O. Young NEW! July,29th 04

Ask and It Is GivenEsther & Jerry Hicks ISBN 1-4019-0459-9

Messages from WaterMasaru Emoto ISBN 4-939098-00-1

The Power of IntentionWayne Dyer ISBN 1-4019-0215-4

The Miraculous Properties of Ionized WaterBob McCauley ISBN 0-9703933-2-6



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